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Install a Home Security System Before It's Too Late

Posted on February 24, 2011
The latest FBI crime statistics released this year reveal that every home in the U.S. is a potential target for burglary or break-in. The U.S. Department of Justice Statistics reports that every 15 seconds, another home in America is broken into. Unfortunately, most people only consider getting a home security system after a break-in occurs. The time to consider installing a quality home security system is now, even if you think the neighborhood is "safe."

The good news is that statistics show homes with a security system installed are three times less likely to experience a break-in or burglary. And some of the options available on today's modern home security systems are just what's needed to make your new home safe!

Probably the best feature of a modern home security system is the 24-hour monitoring service. A local security company trains professionals to sound an alarm when necessary, and to call the police or fire department. The most basic components of security systems are monitored sensors on the doors and windows, along with motion detectors and sounders to deter any burglars or criminals. Sensors that detect breaking glass are also available for added protection.

There are many features beyond just the basic security system that can give you added protection. Cellular phone back-up systems are one of the most popular add-ons. In the event that the power has failed or your land-line phone service is temporarily out this service will activate and notify the authorities. Security system monitors can also detect and sound an alarm when there is fire or smoke detected in the home. In colder climates, you can even set the pre-installed security system to alert you to lowering temperatures and protect your home from freezing temps that may cause pipes to burst and flood the house.

With all of the mobile technology today, home security systems can even be programmed to text you when someone enters the house. When you can't be there, special security access programs also allow only certain people into just certain areas of the house like service people, repair people, or contractors. Lighting can also be controlled remotely through a pre-installed home security system. There are many features that can be added on to your basic security package to give you additional assurance that you and your family are safe!

Installing a home security system into your home just makes good sense. Fill out the free quote form on our website for more information. Also, check out our security guides and tips available.
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